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Create custom reports / save report favourites

John Mitchell
posted this on January 9, 2011, 23:04

The following process describes how to create and save a report with the settings you often need to use. Customers on the Arlo Enterprise plan can also schedule these to be sent automatically.  If you need advanced reports that Arlo does not include in the standard offering, you may export your data to create your own advanced reports using Excel.

For example, your logistics manager might need a weekly logistics report sent every Monday morning that gives them the room setup and catering requirements for all events that week.

Note: This article gives instructions for customers on Arlo Enterprise, and some features are not available to customers on our other service plans.

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Create and save your report

Step 1:  Choose report and settings

  • Select Reports from the main menu.
  • Select the report that you would like to create a favourite from.  You will taken to the report page.
  • Press Report Settings 
  • Select the settings you would like to use for the new favourite report.


Include custom fields in your reports

If you have custom fields set up for your contacts on your platform (to include in your registration forms), you can report on these in the Registrations List report and the Event/Course Registrants report.

These fields are automatically available on these reports and are unique to your platform. Please note that some custom field types may not be available on the report. You may be able to get the data you need by creating an advanced report by exporting your data.



Step 2: Save the report as a favourite

When you have chosen the settings you need for the report, save it as a favourite for future use.

  • Press Save as Favourite.  Save as Favourite window will appear.


  • Edit the name of the report (optional).  The name provided will be the title of the new Favourite report.
  • Edit the description of the report (optional).  The description provided will be included in the footer of the new report.
  • Press Save Favourite.

The report will now show in the Favourite reports section of the reports menu page. You may save as many favourite reports as you need.


Schedule reports to be sent automatically

Learn how to schedule a favourite report to send automatically.

This feature is available on the Arlo Enterprise service plan. Contact us to upgrade your service plan.

Delete a favourite report

  • Select Reports from the main menu.
  • Hover your mouse over the favourite report you would like to delete.  A delete link will appear on the right.


  • Click the Delete link. Delete Favourite window will appear.
  • Press Delete Favourite.

Note: If the report is scheduled, you must first delete the scheduled report, before you will be able to delete the favourite report.

Edit the details of a favourite report

  • From the Favourite Reports list, open the report you want to edit.
  • Make the required changes to the report.
  • Press Save Favourite.

Note: If your favourite report is scheduled, you must force the scheduled report to save the new settings.

Advanced reports

Arlo's generic reports are able to meet most reporting needs by choosing different settings. However from time to time you may need more advanced reports specific to your organisation. In this case you can export your raw data to Excel to create advanced reports of your own.  

Learn more about creating advanced reports

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