Contacts - Contact match on 'Preferred name' and Email

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  • customers are creating duplicates of themselves as they are entering in preferred name vs first name. would make sense for the system to recognise both when registering.

    Jump on board fellow clients.

  • Think this is the problem we're having of sorts..... we have people who are on the waitlist for a course, they are sent an email to say place is available, they say yes, and fill in the registration form with a slightly different name e.g. Alex, instead of Alexander and then even though the email address is exactly the same, they get registered on the course AND they are still on the wait list?  Then another place becomes available and they are sent an email to that effect, but they are confused as they are already booked on!  I thought the email address was the DB key and that it couldn't be duplicated?

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    Leah Hanson Arlo support

    Hi Vida,

    The system uses all three fields: First name, Last name and Email address to recognise a specific contact which is why the system does not currently recognise shortened (preferred) names as being the same contact.

    Each registrant's email addresses do not have to be unique.

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    Monty Morphy Arlo support

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