Emails - Send Emails to Secondary Email Address

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    The Communications Council

    This would be very handy for us though also would like the secondary email address to be linked to Campaign Monitor as a number of contacts have their personal and work email address subscribed to receive marketing communications.

    I also want to flag the problem we are facing with duplicate profiles due to multiple emails of the same person subscribed. CPD points and course/event activities are split between two profiles. To get a true snapshot of a contact is flawed as a result.

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    birthEd - Vida

    This would be good feature as we have couples attending our courses that are booked as one registration and so it would be great if they could each get sent the reminders.

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    Laurence Tan

    This is also useful in the situation where we are using quick registration method.  Currently, this method send email confirmation to the attendees email.  It would be good to have the company representative (order contact) that is registering on behalf of the attendees to be included in the communication/email confirmation.  

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