Xero - Ability to void Xero invoice when order is cancelled in Arlo

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  • To clarify, the development required is the ability for Arlo to automatically credit an order when an order is cancelled.e.g. cancelling an order in Arlo, should create a credit note in Arlo similarly to how the 'journals' feature works and push credit note to Xero i.e. void outstanding order.


  • Yes, definitely need this. Otherwise you need to go into Xero and manually void the invoice. It's easy to lose track or to forget.

  • Yes please, this is ideal.

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    Monty Morphy Arlo support

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  • Yes please this would be excellent, the amount of orders we have to manually cancel and update in xero because Arlo only talks to Xero once when making the booking would save us a serious amount of time and confusion. 

    Also, if a booking is changed in Arlo, and the invoice is in draft in xero, can Arlo please update xero to the new information. 

  • Yes please, this would be so helpful.  

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