Reports - Report of website checkout/cart abandonments

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    Heather Timm

    This would be very valuable. These are potential customers who have demonstrated a level of interest in our product. It would allow us to follow-up with potential customers and target communication (offers and reminders) to customers who abandon. 

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    Erin Marlor

    This feature would be VERY beneficial. It would enable us to reach out to customers who for some reason have not completed the registration process. With the ability to see this, we can then reach out and help the customer finish the registration and drive more students to classes.


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    Natalie Williams

    This is a necessary requirement for our events. We have members who have tried to book but failed and we can't see what the problem is. It would be hugely helpful to see these abandoned checkouts as these are hot leads.

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    Helen Jing Lin

    This would be a great feature to have. It is especially valuable for the Sales team to follow up with those customers that didn't finish the check out session. Thanks. 

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    Wen G.

    WE NEED THIS. We have countless of people who filled up the form and not complete it. These are valuable and hot leads that we could have continue the conversation with and complete the customer journey. It would be a waste if we are unable to reach out to them to find out why they were unable to register.

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    Agreed. Very useful tool it would be.

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    Charlotte Farquharson

    Agreed, our marketing team have requested this information to send out basket abandonment comms to try and convert these leads to sales, and at the moment we are unable to supply the information they need. 

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