Imports - Symmetrical CSV file export and imports

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    birthEd - Vida

    Yes this is something that I would be interested in too especially in the situation where system names do not match the import template names e.g. BirthDate and Date of Birth...

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    Mark Mannering

    Yes, again. Not sure why when you export Arlo contact data you then have to change field names / column headings to import back in to update contacts.

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    John Cahill

    I originally raised this feature request because I wanted a quick way of creating a lot of courses which i have to do three times a year which are of similar nature , venue, different presenters and because it all has to be done through the UI is labour intensive and fraught with  errors. .  I suggested exporting what is already in arlo, distribute to the course managers, and have them confirm the detail, amending as required and then import back in.

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    Rosalind Bordo

    Yes -- they should be identical. it is really frustrating that they are not and you have to change everything to match.  Also, you can import fields that aren't in the template but you don't know what the right names are so you have to guess by removing spaces, making lowercase, etc. until it accepts it.

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