Orders - Credit card processing/surcharge fee to be passed on to customer


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    Leah Hanson Arlo support

    Credit card surcharges has been added to the development roadmap for this year.

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    Rosemary Hancock

    We already have a % surcharge for our other credit card payments so urgently need to be able to add it to payments via Arlo too please. And to then show it on receipts with no GST.

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    Michael Leditschke

    As an admin, I would like to be able to create a discount based on the payment method (e.g. credit card, bank transfer ).

    The idea is to encourage more rapid forms of payment.


    PBI #9054

     (Submitted 4 February 2014, merged into similar NFR) 

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    We would like to add to this request please - to pass on a surcharge to a customer if they choose to pay by credit card.

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    The Communications Council

    We need to reintroduce a flat credit card surcharge to all transactions business wide urgently.


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    Kristy Wachs

    We are looking to introduce a credit card surcharge fee sooner rather than later.

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    The Communications Council

    this surcharge function is a must for our business. It is costing us big bucks!  Can you please develop asap?

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    John Cahill

    Yes, when I see the $100's going to the bank for credit card fees for a voluntary organisation it would be nice to have a way of encouraging low cost options.  As was suggested prior a pre-selection option on the payment method when connecting to payment processor, such that the suitable discount could be applied before sending to the processor eg. a2a in Pxpexpress.  

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