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    Leah Hanson Arlo support

    Templated tasks has been added to our development roadmap for this year.

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    Kate Foister

    As an administrator this is essential to assign tasks at template level.  This will save me heaps of time; especially as I can have upto 12 tasks per event.

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    Emma McGahan Arlo support

    Hi all

    This is now planned development!  Thanks for submitting the great idea.

    Work will begin approximately August. We'll let everyone know when this is done.


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    Helen Carroll

    Tasks can be added to courses but we still can't add to templates.

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    Tim Tarbotton Arlo support

    Hi Helen, templates act as "repeated courses/events" in Arlo. Would you like all similar courses to have the same tasks?

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    Nicky Trainor

    As an admin, it would be useful to be able to copy sets of tasks from one event to another, ideally being able to set them up as event presets if possible.

     I would like to see tasks added as event presets so we can display a common set of tasks when creating new events.

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    Donella Roberts

    Agreed, task sets should be available to be set-up - a must for event management, also completed tasks should still show at course level

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    Alice Harper

    tasks as presets would be great.

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    Gregg Kohansky

    Is this feature now available?  i tried to create an event using a template of an event which had some tasks but the tasks of the new event weren't created.

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    Leah Hanson Arlo support

    Hi Gregg,

    This feature is not yet available but it is currently planned for release in early 2019.

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    Leah Hanson Arlo support (Edited )

    Good news!

    This feature is now in development and is currently scheduled to be available with our early March release.

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