Registrations - Transferring registrant from an advanced (multiple sessions with options) event


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    Leah Hanson Arlo support

    The transfer wizard has been added to the development roadmap for this year.

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    Hollie Harrop

    it seems a bit backwards when we are trying to make things easier and more streamlined at our end and are told that the advanced course options is the best option to use for the structure of our courses and then find we can't transfer. In the height of our busy season transfers can happen quite frequently. The transfer means one less step and less opportunity for getting things muddled.

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    Alice Harper

    We desperately need this - to be able to change the choice of sessions for registrants on advanced events. Could you do this for free sessions only??? I understand it would be complicated if there is different payment options to adjust for sessions.

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    Helen Jing Lin

    This will be a very useful development.

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    Stephen Booth

    Yes please - the most of our courses are on the 'advanced event' option, and this function woul dbe very useful!


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