Orders - Ability to send overdue payment reminders

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    Jarrod Ahearn Arlo support (Edited )

    Hi Andrew, 

    We don't support this yet, however it has been a topic of discussion for our 2018-19 Roadmap. It's looking like we will be doing this later in the year at the moment, but no exact date yet. 

    We'll be sure to keep you posted!

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    Hi Arlo, has there been any further work in this area? An automated "outstanding invoice" email service similar to what is offered within Xero would be great with the ability to set when a reminder email is to be automatically sent.

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    Georgi Marinov

    If automated reminders could be sent based on the event date would be great. We have events that are being sold for almost a year before the event takes place and we only start chasing the invoices couple of months before the actual event (which is quite often months after the invoice due date).

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    Georgi Marinov

    Hey Guys, has there been any progress on automated invoice reminders?

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