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    Jarrod Ahearn Arlo support

    Hi Matthew, 

    Can you please elaborate a bit more?

    Your current checkout supports multiple events and registrants on a single order. There is an 'Add another course' button at the bottom of the page. When another event is selected, it will be added to the existing selection.

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  • I second Matt's request.

    Sure you can 'Add another course' button, but this is not very visible, incredibly clunky and a poor user experience.
    Instead, check out how eCommerce handles multiple items, such as shopify or woocommerce.
    User finds course > selects + add qty etc > add to cart > is given the option to continue shopping or add to cart (but not an entire screen, in the form of a small window at the top right)

    By sending user directly to the details screen, they lose track of where they are, therefore if adding multiple courses under 1 category, then need to start again and search again.

    Instead user should be able to 'add to cart' as many courses as they want, THEN when done go to 'review basket/add details' screen.

    Does that make sense Jarrod?

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    Monty Morphy Arlo support

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