Checkout - Ability to make style changes to the checkout / make 'Add another attendee' more obvious

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    Yes - definitely on Enterprise plan should be able to customise these fields. Thanks

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    Tim Mammatt

    Agreed, anything to make the customer journey easier. Might be good to be able to include upsell messages if adding more delegates.

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    Rosalind Bordo

    Yes! The language used on checkout should be customizable to reflect the use case not a one-size fits all text that is really confusing for our customers.

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    Ezra Fermanis Arlo support

    Hi everyone,

    Just an update on this, you are able to fully customize your checkout (e.g increase font size of the 'Add another attendee' text, or even remove it) using your own custom CSS/HTML/JS on a custom Arlo checkout. See: 

    Note: this is not supported on the default Arlo website, only on the WP or WC website integrations. If you're unsure whether a particular setting/feature can be customised, please contact and we can confirm for you.

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