Vouchers - Ability to refund and partial refund back on to voucher

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    Leah Hanson Arlo support (Edited )

    This enhancement should include the ability to create a voucher when crediting (rather than issuing a refund).

    This would streamline the 'credit' facility where someone may not be refunded but instead given a 'credit' on a course/s. The registrant would have their registration cancelled off an order, but no money would be returned. Instead, a voucher would be issued to the value of the cancelled registration.

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    Heather Timm (Edited )

    From a financial perspective, we would prefer that the value is credited back to the voucher as topping up the voucher means that the new value of the voucher doesn't reconcile with the original payment taken from the customer.

    Also, topping up the voucher means that it is difficult to reconcile the number of valid (and completed) registrations that have been used against each voucher.

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