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    Mark Mannering

    Yes definitely please. We have lots of cancelled events which take up room on the calendar.

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    Nicky Trainor

    We would definitely like the cancelled events off the calendar. They clog up the calendar and give a false impression of the amount of work on. We sometimes set up dummy events so we can test features, and with coaching events, we always set them up well into the future as we're not always sure of the finishing dates. Consequently, we end up with a pile of grey events on the calendar.

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    Cathy Anderson

    I totally agree. Having cancelled events on the calendar takes up room, is pointless, and confusing at an initial glance.  The calendar only shows 3 events before you have to click on, ie. "+3 more".  In my example below, we only see the cancelled events and unless we click on the +3 more, we don't see what we actually have on that day.

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    Andy Fairclough

    Couldn't agree more. The venue and room scheduler is potentially very useful but not wiht all the cancelled events showing. Need to be able to filter. 

    It would also be very useful if we could filter events by ARLO category on the calendar. THis way we could review all templaes of a particular type that are scheduled in calendar view.


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